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About Armin

Almost dying at the age of 18, Armin Shafee was reborn and made a life-altering decision to reset, redefine and redesign his life.

That lead Armin on a long journey of studying and mastering the top sciences & philosophies in the world to take possession of his mind. After using Napoleon Hill's Law of Success Philosophy to produce unheard of results in his own life and business, Armin was introduced to the President of Think and Grow Rich which lead to the first-ever partnership in the history of Think and Grow Rich Institute.

He is an Award Winning International Speaker, the Vice President of Think and Grows Rich Institute, Success Coach to thousands of Sales People and CEO’s, Certified Speaking Trainer, The Upcoming Author of the book - The Winners Manifesto, and the Founder of International Brands, Elite Speakers Academy, and The REBORN Experience.


Perry Wong

Meeting Armin has been an absolute blessing. His live sessions have had a profound impact on my business. Being in charge of Canada’s top performing insurance agency has its ups and downs. With Armin’s world-class coaching, I am able to mitigate those downswings and return to momentum.

Marcos Mendosa

It has been said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” This quote is summed up as a proclamation that represents the values that Armin Shafee provides the world through his various talents and services. Professionalism, quality of character, kindness, and pure perseverance are some of the words that I can use to best describe the manners in which Armin operates in life and business.

James MacNeil

Armin is a truly gifted, charismatic and exciting Guru. He has an incredible ability to engage any audience and move them powerfully. If you want a speaker that will make a profoundly positive impact, I highly recommend Armin Shafee.

Alka Sharma

Working with Armin Shafee has been absolutely amazing. To watch how far Armin has brought my company has been astonishing. Armin, we have extremely improved in revenue, structure and company culture. Before working with Armin, I was struggling to make my company grow and to be the CEO I can be but now I have Armin who guides, encourages and believes in me. I am lucky and proud to be able to have Armin as my coach, and I would recommend to any entrepreneur to trust in Armin to lead you to success if you are looking to improve your business and yourself.

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