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Motivational Speeches

Need your audience inspired, motivated and ready for more? It has become Armin Shafee’s life’s work to increase the energy of the room and leave an audience thinking differently and better than when they walked in before through his unique style of speaking and his strength, emotion, brevity and humour.

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Live Training

Need your organization to enhance their skills or learn new ones? Leverage Armin Shafee’s state of the art methodologies and training on sales, communication, self-mastery, mindset, leadership and more, to increase productivity and ultimately achieve greater results as a team.

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Live Talk

Need to get your audience stimulated and thinking in new ways in a particular subject? Hire Armin Shafee to deliver an engaging and thought-provoking presentation on any of his vast expertise in the area of human-development, behavior and psychology to gift your audience an exuberant experience.

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Unlock Your Fullest Potential.

Leadership Coaching

Need to elevate your leadership muscles or find the leader within you? Armin Shafee will guide you through an intensive coaching program to develop the strongest version of yourself to lead with heart and certainty. The world is waiting for you to step into your greatness.

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High Performance Coaching

Need to master the skill of operating at a peak state when necessary? Work with Armin Shafee on mastering your mind, your body and yourself to produce extraordinary results in your business and life through the science of psychology, biology and metaphysics.

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Business Coaching

Need to master your business or turn your business ideas into reality? Armin Shafee will coach you through all the obstacles and show you how to operate like the most powerful businesses in the world using proven systems & strategies on marketing, sales, systematization, organization, finances and more so that you can become the entrepreneur you were meant to be.

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Public Speaking Coaching

Need to learn how to speak powerfully and effectively on stage? Armin Shafee will work with you to find your true voice, craft and design your message and your story behind it as well as show you the strategies of the top 3% of speakers in the world so you can master the stage.

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